Gitamrtam (Tamil)

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Tutor: Velukkudi Sri U. Ve. Ranganathan Swamy

Language: Tamil

A golden opportunity to learn the deep and nectarine commentaries of our Acharyas on every Shloka of the Bhagavad Gita and put them to practice.

This course is an easy way to understand rare Spiritual Concepts explained in the Bhagavad Gita such as Atma Paramatma Jnanam, Meditation, Equality and Bhakti.

Commencement date: 13/12/2021

Duration: 1.5 years. Frequency: Saturday and Sunday (1 hr each)

For further clarifications regarding this course, please send an email to elearning@velukkudi.tv


  • Facility to watch the recorded lessons at your convenient time
  • Explanatory Handouts
  • Quarterly Contact Classes
  • Question and Answer Session
  • Self Assessment Practice Tests

Topics for this course

187 Lessons150h


Lesson 001: Glory of Gita1:12:02
Lesson 002: Gist of Gita01:09:22
Lesson 003: Division of Three Shatkas1:11:02

Adhyaya 1: Arjuna Vishada Yoga

Adhyaya 2: Saamkhya Yoga

Adhyaya 3: Karma Yoga

Adhyaya 4: Jnana Yoga

Adhyaya 5: Karma Sanyasa Yoga

Adhyaya 6: Yogabhyasa Yoga

Adhyaya 7: Vijnana Yoga

Adhyaya 8: Abhyasa Yoga

Adhyaya 9: Rajavidya Rajaguhya Yoga

Adhyaya 10: Vibhuti Yoga

Adhyaya 11: Vishvarupa Sandarshana Yoga

Adhyaya 12: Bhakti Shraishthya Yoga

Adhyaya 13: Kshetra Kshetrajna Vibhaga Yoga

Adhyaya 14: Guna Traya Vibhaga Yoga

Adhyaya 15: Purushottama Yoga

Adhyaya 16: Devasura Vibhaga Yoga

Adhyaya 17: Shraddha Traya Vibhaga Yoga

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Lesson 195- quiz on ch 16 is not yet released? Quiz helps us to know how much we have understood the lessons. Looking forward to see this soon on this forum

SWAMI,Adiyen didn't receive the 17th and 18th chapters of bhagavad gita and I have received till lesson 196 only and my registered mail id is halosangeetha@gmail.com. Please kindly acknowledge this query and do the needful swami.
Adiyen swami dhanyasmi
Sangeetha Rajagopal

Dhanyasmi to Sriman U.Ve. Velukkudi Ranganathan Swami Avargal. Adiyen is able to understand the lessons well. Have completed 1st Adhyaya today. Request Swami's blessings. Adiyen Ramanujadasi.

as i have received upto lesson 181 can you send me further lessons

Very nice and good teaching.

Namaskaram Swamin🙏 Super your Speech and explaining each Slokas, very nice.. Last timebrierly explained.

Blessed to learn Srimad Bhagavad Gita from Sri. Velukkudi Ranganatha Swamy. One request - sometimes I am unable to access lessons. Like now I can access only until first lesson of chapter 12 and have no way of knowing if you have posted more lessons. I reached out via email earlier regarding a test I was unable to open but no reply. Kindly suggest ways to move things along for the not so digital savvy as myself. Namaskaram.

ஹரி ஓம் .அடியாள் வணக்கம். ஒலி பதிவை சற்று கவனிக்கவும். ஒவ்வொரு வாக்கியத்திலும் பதிவு தடைபட்டு நின்று நின்று தொடர்கிறது .நன்றி

சஞ்சையனுக்கு எவ்வாறு கண்ணனின் விஸ்வரூப காட்சி தெரிந்தது என்ற எனது ஐயப்பாட்டினை முன்பே கேட்டிருந்தேன். இது வரை என் ஐயம் தீரவில்லை.

பாடம் எல்லாம் எளிமையா நாங்க புரிஞ்சிக்கிற வண்ணம் இருக்கு சாமிக்கு எங்கள் அனேக கோடி நமஸ்காரம் அனேக கோடி நமஸ்காரம்

நமஸ்காரம்.ஐயா நன்றி.

Excellent rendering with immense clarity of teaching each word. Sometimes I feel how much deep is his teaching and what a strenuous job! May God bless him always. He is none other than God. Namaskaram.🙏🙏🙏🙏

Grateful 🙏🙏to my guru 🙏🙏for enabling adiyen to understand Gitamrutam adhyayas 1-7and assimilate the essence of Bhagavan Krishna’s upadesham.

Swamin will Devareer send us the Quiz in Tamil for Adhyayam 9

Namaskaram, I'm not able view new lessons after Adhyaya 15 slokas 1-2.
Please help

Adiyen namaskaram. I could not believe how you can explain so vividly. I believe you have learnt and understood Bhagavad Gita as per 34th shloka of Jnana Yoga. Kindly bless me to understand and store the meanings/vyakyanam in my mind and to apply them in my conduct.__Adiyen Ramanuja dasi

It is a very good opportunity for learning Bhagwat Gita from a learned guru. I am truly blessed to hear from the guru.

The explanation is lucid with apt examples when needed. The lecture enthuses the listener to try his best to understand Lord Krishna and HIS affection to every individual to strive to come up to HIS expectations.
Very promising way of promoting goodness of thought word and action in each. Kudos to the mammoth efforts spared for this great cause.

Really helpful... Explained in detail in simple language till we understand... Thnak you so much for giving us such an opportunity to learn Gita 🙏🙏

Azhwar emperumanar jeeyar acharyar thiruvadigale saranamvelukudi Krishnan swamy thiruvadigale saranam adiyen had listened to Swamy's upanyasams and learned great vishayangal and got enlightened my gratitudes to swamy ,now I started listening to gitamrtam by ranganatha swamy , excellent explanation no words to say🙏🙏

🙏🙏🙏ஸ்வாமி. நமஸ்காரம்.அடியேன், ஶ்ரீமதே இராமானுஜாய்நம. அடியேன் தாசிசுதா விஜயராகவன். உத்சாஹத்தில் அத்யாயம் 5, 4 வது கேள்வி பதில் பக்கத்தை கவன குறைவால் பதில் அளிக்காமல் பக்கத்தை திறந்து பார்த்த தவறினால் நான் 3 தடவை அட்டெண்ட் செய்த பதிலுக்கு ரிஸல்டு வரலை. பின் கவனித்தால் 11 அட்டெம்டு, -8 என்று வருகிறது, தவறு செய்ததற்கு க்ஷமிக்க ப்ரார்த்தனை. அட்டியேனுக்கு எவ்வளவு புரிந்து பதில் அளித்துள்ளேன் என்ற ஆர்வ கொளாறு. எனக்கு ரிசல்டு அனுப்பும்படி விண்ணப்பம். அடியேன் தாசி

Excellent explanation by Swamigal. Aacharyan Tiruvadegale Saranam. Dhanyosmi adiyen.

Swami, Adiyen feels there is a technical problem/ error in the Quiz -2 . I attempted two times all the questions , but it says only last ques. Correct. And at the top of the Quiz it says attempted 12, . Attempts remaining -9. ?? Could kindly help me. Dhanyosmi. 🙏

Swamin, For quiz, give correct answers. Excellent explanation by Swwmy

Adiyen greatly benefited from Sri Ranganathan swamy'sdiscourse.i will be 75 yrs next month.at this age,only now I am learning abt atma,creation,sriman Narayanan's guns visheshangal .I am very much indebted to my Acharyan sri vanamamalai Jeeyar,for guiding me to spiritual path.srimathe Ramanujaya namah:.

Namaskarams to Velukkudi Krishnan swamy& Ranganathan swamy.Velukkudi Krishnan swamy's briefing in lesson 42 is excellent.Entire Geetha explained in a nutshell.Velukkudi Ranganathan Swamy's pain taking effort so that even a layman could understand the essence of each& every sloka is remarkable.Before starting a new lesson explaining the gist of previous lesson is superb.My humble pranams to both of you for doing this great service to society at large& to me in particular.

Adyenmarks pl idont know how I did 14timesanswer I attested only 3times so I want my Mark's ady en and also this telegram app not conne regularly some time connect and many time not what is the fault

Srimathe Ramanujaya namaha.
Acharyarukku namaskarangal.
Thank you so much sir. Your explanations are easily understandable. Taking it slow, giving us time to understand and realise is very helpful. I feel blessed to have got the chance to listen and learn Bhagavadgita from this institution. Lots of gratitude.

I am blessed to hear this gita amritham.

🙏Those who listen, study this teaching of Gitamrutham are blessed. Like Krishnan Swamigal says, remaining people those who are not listening out of 5000 registrants also should listen, Study the beautiful, clear presentation by Swamy Ranganathan, of great Acharyar’s interpretation and get benefited. Especially people of 30 - 60 years old get benefited to lead a happy and harmonious life.

Respected Acharyar,
Pallandu Pallandu Pallayiram aandu to you!
Anantha koti namaskarangal.
Adiyen Durga Eswaran from Pune.
Thoroughly enjoying the classes. Taking notes also. Seek guru krupa and blessings so that adiyen can retain and practice whatever is learnt.
Attended the quiz. Ques 15 went wrong for me. Chose 1 as ans but got wrong. Not clear about the correct answer. Is it possible to have discussion?
One humble request....is it possible to teach the slokas in a separate video. Though you are repeating each sloka many times during the course of explanation, adiyen being a "paamaran" and due to lack of gyanam, not able to catch. If the slokas are in a separate video, adiyen can learn and byheart them. தப்பு இருந்தால் க்ஷமிக்க வேண்டுகிறேன்.

I am create new mail id. Mob. No. 7548843409. I don't received lessons from 10th chapter. Please send me lessons rohinidhan23@gmail.com

Namaskaram Swamin, Kindly have a look on lesson 79 quiz 3 of chapter 4,. Question number 11. It appears to have an error. I.e. Absence of NOT - negation indicator. After correct, if viable please provide me a chance to submit all the answers, else no issue. Dhanyosmi RT Chari

1. Swami's teaching is very lucid & excellent. Our gratitudes. 2. The system is very slow. It takes a long time to open the lessons. 3. I finished chapter 5 & attempted the quiz once. I got 16 correct. When I tried the 2nd time it says I have attempted 12 times & it is stuck & does not move. Please help.

When is the quiz or exam Swamy ? If it's for each chapter,it will be easy for us to attend it. Rukmini Srinivasagopalan, Malleswaram, Bangalore.

Swami, lecture 26- if it is the old body that dies like we throw old clothes. This explanation is good for people dying at older age. How can this be used for people dying in the 20s? I understand that their Karma is done but the body is still young.

ஸ்வாமிக்கு என் பணிவான வந்தனம். தங்களின் கீதோபதேசம் என் போன்ற சாதாரணமானவர்களுக்கும் கிருஷ்ணர் அர்ஜுனனுக்கு என்ன புரிய வைக்க நினைத்தாரோ அதை அப்படியே எங்கள் மனதில் பதிய வைக்கிறீர்கள். நமது கீதையையே இதுநாள் வரை தெரிந்துகொள்ளாமல் இருக்றோமே என்று எனக்குநானே நொந்துகொள்வேன். தற்போது தங்கள் வாயிலாக மனநிறைவு பெற்றேன்.அனந்தகோடி நமஸ்காரம்

ஶ்வாமியின் தெளிவான தமிழில் சிறந்த விளக்கம்.

adiyen dasan

Every word in Bhagvad Gita is Superbly explained... We're blessed to have such a great teacher like Sir Velukkudi Ranganathan who has so much indepth knowledge about the subject. Sincerely appreciate.

I am enjoying the Gitamrtam course and learning a lot. Every lesson gives me goosebumps. This website is Velukkudi University(not Velukkudi TV). I had always wanted to learn and understand Gita and this course is a godsend to me. Best teacher. I wish I could give a trillion stars for this course. My humble namaskarams to both my gurus Sr. Velukku Krishnan and Sri.Velukkudi Ranganathan.

The lectures are clear and lucid. As an elderly person, Adiyen has been waiting to listen to an interpretation of the Bhagavad Gita from the point of view of Visishta-Advaitam. Most, if not all, are based on Advaita philosophy. Just wonder if any books have been written in English based on this philosophy.

The best Geetha Class ever.

Indeed fortunate to listen and learn the verses of the Bhagavad Gita. My humble namaskarams to Sri. Velukkudi Ranganathan Swami for his great efforts in explaining the verses and their indepth meanings in a simplified manner.


எனக்கு இன்னும் வரவில்லை 23 வது கிளாஸ்

Namaskaram, your teaching and service to our culture has been great. I want to give feedback on lessons 19 & 20, it has been very lengthy and could have been reduced to a simpler explanations not take 2 lessons. Thanks

Namaskaram Swami, very detail explanation. Dhanyosmi Swami

In-depth analysis and explanation of each sloka, especially I like explaining chapters based on Alavandar's GitaarthaSangraham. It makes it easy ,what to expect from a chapter. Nice course.

Lesson 18 very well explained. Feels like want to hear again and again. All the lessons are very well explained. Seek your blessings , inorder to implement the same on daily basis. Thank you.

அடியேன். தத்துவ த்ரய விளக்கம் மிக அற்புதமாக இருந்தது. சந்தேகங்கள் தீர்ந்தன. மிக்க நன்றி.

Very thankful to you sir for the class. You are really so empathetic. You have realised that the topic is very deep and even little can be understood only after several revisions. Your patience is only reflection of your kindness towards the learners. God bless you hundred hundred years of good work. Thank you so much

Adiyen Bagyam.🙏🙏🙏🙏

Bhagavadgita class-very impressive,this week couldb not the link kindly guide me to get th access also mail id and contact number NAMASKARAMS GURUJI

Complete the course

Sreemade Ramanujaya Namaha 🙏Very simple and clear explanation . I don't know Sanskrit, but now I am able understand well through this Tamil Gita lessons . Hare Krishna 🙏🙏🙏 If possible pl give some exercises to do . Simple questions to answer or quiz . Not immediately whenever possible 🙏🙏🙏

சுவாமி டவுன்லோட் அகவில்லை தொடரமுடியாமல் முதல் பகுதி ஆனது இரண்டாம் பகுதி அடுத்த பகுதி இல்லை apsion இல்லை

Guruji 🙏Very clearly explains the slogams. Thank you so much🙏

ஆத்மார்த்தமான பயணம்.....

Excellent discourse by swamigal. Thank you very much.

I think today's lesson 15 video format is different from previous weeks. Rewinding and forwarding for 1 sec was not available. Previous weeks video format were better

Namaskaram , sincere respects to Guru Shri Ranganathan for coming up with this course. Seeking your blessings for learning this course. Yours sincerely, Lakshmi Muralidharan

ஆச்சாரியார் அவர்களின் கீதாம்ருதம் எளிமை அருமை

Namaskarangal to gurus. Thank you. Well explained and understood. Implementing to the extant possible.

Thank you very much.

Sudha Ramakrishnan

Swamy, your explanations are very clear and people like me who have started learning Shastras recently can understand well. Dhanyosmi!🙏🙏🙏

Very useful & explanatory

Namaskaram swami only
43rd lesson could not take for me.42nd lesson heard
How to get 43rd lesson

Respected Sir, Myself Dr. R. Venkateshwaran., MD. from Trichirapalli. Your vision of promoting Sanaadhana dharma to the modern community deserve an applause. The way you teach us the saar of Geethamratham is very good and i can see the imagery of wat may have happen in the Kurukshetra. Keep us enlightened. God is great🙏👏

35th sloga meaning Not given. Instead meanings'of 27and 28th slogos meaning given for it. Please correct it

Good course

Plss help me..i hv register for the course. But i hv not attented even one class. Mobile no-7397425858


Swamin, Adiyen Dasan. Such a great opportunity to listen from devareer 🙏🙇🏻🙏

The classes are very nice and in understandable way. I really appreciate your efforts to give knowledge of Bhagavad Gita to many people that too in free of cost. I would soon try to donate some amount that I can.

Adiyen kindly suggest a Bhagavad Gita book.

Classes are very interesting. Can u pls send the audio of Githartha sangraha slokas so that we can hear it repeatedly and by heart it. U can send 2 slokas in each audio. Thanks in advance.

Very clear explanation....eager to learn more 👌👏

Pranam Swami.
Adiyen. Srimathe Ramanuaya Namaha.

Srimadh Bhagavad Gita - Chapter 17.
As, with every chapter, Swami this chapter also,
very clearly explained, each sloka,
with their inferences to us,
as to what we should do with faith, and not do,
as stated in the veda.
The explanation of "OM THATH SATH",
and reiterating the same,
as depicted by Bhagavaan, was very enriching,
and delightful.
In fact, the explanation, given here linking,
"the action denoted by Veda to the object/subjet of realisation (Para Brahman) in the Veda (Vedantha),
to me, highlighted in parallel,
the illustration of the PURVA PAKSHA & UTTARA PAKSHA of
which I am currently, learning as a "SRI BASHYA SARAMSH", "Tiruvaimohi Saaraamsham",
with an on-line group, with Swami U Ve Raghavan from Chennai.
( you may know Swami, that at times,
We students may tend to get lost,
in the Purva Paksha, while we could be naturally familiar with the Uttara Paksham,
and some may wonder" why PP?").
Swami, I also take this oppourtunity, to say that,
I have been fortunate, to attend your sessions, while you visit Bengaluru,
and attending in Person, is such a blessing these days,
while we are also, presented with the on-line Scenario,
while we attend to our everyday duties.

The Sri Bashyam Saaram, presented to us, by thyself,
at Sri Yadugiri Yathiraja Mutt, was a culminating experience,
to mine and my family's Spiritual life, lead so far, in this birth,
and we four of us had our Samaashrayanam done into the Sampradaya,
by Revered Jeeyar Swami,
by the grace of my Previous Gurus.

Very happy and feel blessed to embark on this
journey of learning, realizing, applying and practising,
With Bhaagavadhaas.

Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha.

உங்கள் சேவை. எங்கள் பாக்கியம்.

First of all, thank Velukkudi.Tv for organizing this and presenting the ramanuja bhasyam of this sacred text on a banana leaf platter almost. The presentations are so concise and to the point and time bound. Infact acharya Ranganathan Swamy reads out lines from the bhasyam (as well refers to desikan's tatparya chandrikai) to give a taste of the original. People interested in samskruthm will come out learning a bit of that too through Gita.

In my opinion this is the best opportunity for us to get this essential knowledge in a time bound manner. Like they say opportunity does not knock on one's doorstep often. I urge everyone to make the most of this.

Swami Ranganthan, please accept my heartfelt thanks for teaching us. The clear and succinct manner in which you explain complex things is phenomenal. Adiyen is looking forward to learning from you.

Nice explanation

Very Lucid and Deep Explanations. Adiyen. Narasimhan

Excellent presentation. Have enjoyed the presentation except for the interruption in between like this week no update in the Programme

Sri Mathe Ramanujaya namaha
Adiyen Swami
Adiyen very thankful to your thiruvadi🙏🙏
This class is very useful and very clear
Dhanyoshmi Swami

Shamikka prarthikiren 🙏🙏

Acharian thiruvadihale charanam
Bhattar thiruvadihale charanam🙏🙏

Very clear and understandable explanation in simple language. Easily follow able. Motivates more to learn.

Lesson 19 & 20 very well explained in detail. Excellent keep it up.

குருப்யோ நம:
மிகத் தெளிவாகவும், எளிய தமிழ் நடையிலும் எல்லோருக்கும் நன்கு புரியும் வண்ணம் விளக்கிக் கூறுவதற்கு மிக்க நன்றி. திரும்ப திரும்ப கேட்கும் வண்ணம் வீடியோ மூலமாக நடத்தப் படுவதால், பாடங்களை புறிந்து கொள்ள முடிகிறது. நன்றி, நமஸ்காரங்கள், அன்புடன், சந்தானம்.

Swami, the word by word meanings in English for the Shloka in the gist of Adhyaya 10, is not given instead meaning for Shloka 1 is given. Please provide the same. Dhanyosmi🙏🙏


Namaskarams 🙏🙏Krishna’s blessings to be able to join this course. Ranganathan Swamy is taking us along like a mother would do for her child with detailed explanation and simplifying so many things for easy understanding 🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙏🙏

மிக எளிமையாக, ஒரு குழந்தைக்கு சொல்வது போல புரிய வைக்கிறார் ஶ்ரீ ஸ்வாமி.
ஒரு நிமிடம் கூட நம்முடைய சிந்தனையை சிதற விடாமல் கதவை மூடிக் கொண்டு ஏகாந்தமாக கேட்டால்தான் அனுபவிக்க முடியும் என்பது அடியேனின் தாழ்மையான அபிப்ராயம். கேட்கும் போது புரிந்து விட்டது போல் தோன்றினாலும், திரும்ப திரும்ப (ஒரு மாடு மேய்ந்து விட்டு வந்த பிறகு அசை போடுவது போல்) கேட்டால்தான் ஆத்ம க்ஞானம் கிடைக்கும். இதற்க்கும் அந்த பகவானின் அனுக்ரஹித்தை ப்ரார்த்திக்கிறேன். தாஸன் முரளிதரன்

It was really blissful and blessed to listen to this wonderful discourse. Adien's bhagyam Swamy. It would be very helpful if Swamy also side by side give flow chart also for adiyongals review and easy understanding. It was an opportunity for all adiyars to listen to Swamy Alavandar's Gitarta Sangraham both stotram and meaning and dhanyosmi Swamy.
Adien Ramanuja Dhasan Swamy

Just now I listened to the new lesson 18.Very very good and clean explanation I am fortunate to listen to the lesson.Thanks Swamiji.I am praying for the well being of yu and yr family members.Ohum Nimo Narayanaya Namaha.mThe 40th Lesson was very well explained.I listened carefully.Thanks Swamiji

எளிமையான, ஆழமான விளக்கம்.

இந்த காலஷேபம் விஷிஷ்டாத்வைத, ராமானுஜ சம்ப்பதாயத்தை சேர்ந்தது என தெளிவுபடுத்தியமைக்கு நன்றி.

கீதார்த சங்ரகம் (அன்றன்றய) ஸ்லோக விளக்க pdf கையேடுகள் மிகவும் உதிவியாக உள்ளது.

மிக்க நன்றி

அடியேன் தாசன்-கோகுல்

சிறந்த பேச்சு நடை: தெளிந்த கருத்துக்கள் பிரவாகமென ஓடும் சிறப்பு;பிரமாணத்தின் அருமையினை தர்க்கரீயாக வடிவமைத்து அளித்த விதம்:கருதிக் கேட்கும் மெய்ஞான விழைவு கொண்ட அன்பர்களை கட்டிப் போட்டு ஆனந்தப் படுத்தும் நயம்; கூறிக்கொண்டே போகலாம்.அனைத்தும் அருமை.யோகீஸ்வரக் கி.ருஷ்ணன் பொற்றாள் பணிக்கிறேன்.வாழ்த்துகள் உங்களுக்கு.🙏🙏

கீதாம்ருதம் பகவத்கீதை மின்வழிப் பாடத்திட்டம் ஆத்மா பரம்பொருள் நாராயணா கருணை மிக நன்று

Until now, swami doesn't deviate to lowkika vishayam and sticks very strictly to bhagavad vishayam. Requesting to please continue with the same format. Looking forward to listening to sri bhashyam, tatpariya chandrika granthams and references to tiruvaimozhi pasurams

Swami, please accept adiyen's humble pranaam.
As DhEvarEer said, only if there is prior good Karma, one even gets to hear about Srimad Bhagavad Gita,

Thank you for your service to Santana Dharma !

Arvind Sreedharan

namaskaram .I want quiz in tamil,what can I do.please answer me.

Adiyen Ramanuja dasan Vasudevan Swamy The discourse was mind blowing but we need to listen to it again and again to register the gist of the contents. Swamy. Have devareer given any attachment for lesson 1 ? If so where to view it swamy ? Adiyen

In the lesson three, Gitartha Sangraha's, second, third and fourth sloka are taught in detail. In the first Shatkam of Bhagavad Gita, Karma yoga and Ghana yoga are explained in detail. In the second Shatkam, hakthi yoga is explained and in the last
Shatkam more details of Karma yoga, Ghana yoga and Bhakthi yoga which Lord Krishna wanted to enlighten is explained.

Very nice

Well explained...very nice and simple to understand

மிக உயர்ந்த, உன்னதமான பொக்கிஷம் இந்த கீதாம்ருதம். அடியேனுக்கு, அடியேன் ஆசாரிய அனுகிரக விசேஷத்தாலிந்த பாக்யம் கிட்டியது. தங்களுக்கு கோடானு கோடி நமஸ்காரங்கள்.


This Gitamrutham course is going GOOD and interesting to learn more from the Tutor U.Ve.Sri Ranganthan Swamy.

வாழ்க வளமுடன் Ranganathan Swamy'

அருமையான விளக்கத்துடன் அப்பா ஸ்வாமிகள் விளக்குவது போலவே இருக்கின்றது. உங்கள் பணி தொடர எங்கள் மனமார்ந்த வாழ்த்துக்கள் 🙏🙏

No words to say.Explanation superb 👍. Even a child can understand easily.Swamy covered Andal's Bakthi,Alwars Bhakti and Ramayan are the most pointed .We are the Gods gifted to be in this group.


Dhanyosmi....i became excited to understand bhagvan's aashritha vyamoham... Adiyen Dhanyosmi.. Jai Ramanujacharaya...

Adiyen namaskaram . To start with.Both the two sessions very well explained and easy to follow.. looking forward future classes getting into the subject more eagerly.......Hope this may be a different from ur father's upanyasams on Geetha.

மிகத்தெளிவும் சிறப்பும் உயர்ந்த விளக்கங்களும் அடையப் பேறு பெற்றோம்

கீதையின் சாரம் அருமையாக இருந்தது. பாடங்கள் நன்றாக புரிந்தது தங்கள் எளிய உரையினால் என்பது மிகையல்ல. மேலும் ஸ்ரீ வேளுக்குடி சுவாமிகள் உபன்யாசங்கள் பல கேட்டிருந்ததும் புரிதலுக்கு இலகுவாக அமைந்தது என்று நன்றியுடன் தெரிவிக்கிறேன்.நமஸ்காரம்.

Excellent explanation...easy to understand able ... We r very blessed to attend your class

Koti koti Namaskarangal.
Guruvae Thunai.

The essence and greatness as introduction is simply superb. This shows how blessed you are by your father and mother and all Acharya's. Best wishes. KVEERARAGHAVAN krishnan

Sri Bagavath Geethiyin perumai matrum karanam villakkamaga thanthu aruliya swamiku yen panivana namaskarangal. Miga thelivaga irrundhathu. Naduvil varum samaskritha slokangal pdf aga tamil fontil adhan arthangaludan download aga koduthal mikka udaviyaga irrukkum.

The introduction session was very informative and has set the right prelude. I'm looking forward for the forthcoming classes. This is the first time I'm hearing Mr. Ranganatha swami, like his father, he's very captivating. Thank you, hope to get to know The Gita. Some information can be given on how to get clarifications, as this is not an online class.

Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan, Acharyan Thiruvadigale Saranam

Swamy, Very much obliged to be part of this Sath Sangam.
Request you to suggest Srimad Bhagavat Geetha book to follow the Githamridham.
Day 1 - introductory session .. very much interesting and hopefully would like to travel along with many more like us. Acharyan Thiruvadigale saranam.
Aravindan, Adambakkam

I enjoyed hearing the introduction, expecting more to hear.

I was waiting eagerly for this course. And as I went through, every minute was an exhilarating experience. References given were easily identifiable. Adiyen ramanuja dasan

கை பிடித்து அழைத்துச்செல்வது போல் கற்பிக்கிறார்.
Born teacher
We are blessed to be under his tutelage.

This the best website

Sir i am one of those who can understand tamizh but can’t read and write please excuse us from taking tests in tamil

Not able to hear audio. Please help how to go about. I have registered

Excellent proposal.


unable to join telegram

God bless the team for this Outstanding work.

Sir,Daily Im listening all your upanyasams in You tube channel. It is very useful for all of us in this Kali Yuga. We all are very lucky to listen your discourses. Gitamrtm course it's good initiative and helpful for this young generation. Thanks.

Adiyen Eagerly waiting to learn.

Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha 🙏

Its a great and golden opportunity from Great Acharyas..Looking forwards to learn and practice Srimadth Bhagavad Gita. And to get the blessings of our Acharyas and bhagavan

Hare Krishna 🙏

3ம் த்யாயம் 17, 18 ஸ்லோகங்ஙளில் கூறிய முக்தன் யார்?

Good opportunity to experience the fruitfulness of Bhagavad Gita

It is such a great blessing to have this opportunity. Millions of thanks to Sri Velukudi swamy for this generous gesture. Indebted to you for lifetimes swamy.

I have attended the online course on Nyaya, Mimamsa & Vedanta course conducted by Sri. Ranganathan Swami. I found learning from him to be an inspiring experience, he taught so lucidly & took lot of pains to see the students understand the intricate concepts of our ancient Shasyras. I wholeheartedly thank him for taking immense efforts to make the knowledge of shastras accessible to those who are desirous of acquiring - even if it be an introductory course - some ideas of the undying & time-tested ancient body of knowledge & wisdom. Looking forward to another learning experience that is Srimad Bhagavadgita under Sri. Ranganathan Swami. I am much beholden to Swami & pray & wish him all the very best ! Thanks again.

Ravindran C. D.


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